Our Season Between Seasons


wait for thaw

We have waited so long for the thaw,

but gazing into the eye of the window,

we see only the cold heart of winter.

 The sky,

storm clouds spill over mountain tops

the hillsides,

hide behind curtains of snow flurries.

the trees,

buds burst only with hoarfrost

the fields

greening grasses trapped under dirty snow.

I want to turn away

from winter’s cold shoulder,

 to pull the blinds and leave.

Instead I reach out a tentative hand

 and lift the sash, steeling myself

 against the blast of frigid wind.

In the sky

ka-ronk, ka-ronk , two geese now paired.

from the hillsides

hoo hoo hoodoo, horny great owls.

from the trees

kwik-kwik-kwikwikwikwik , laughter of mated flickers

from the fields

keeeeeeeer, a redtail hunts food for its young.

Together we stand at the window and listen.

One thought on “Our Season Between Seasons

  1. At first I thought it was a picture of asphalt reflecting the sky but the game changer was the bent stem of the reed in the water. The piece does a good job of detailing the view which reflects the transition point in the seasons.

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